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Americare Concierge is not health insurance because we work hard on getting you the best rates possible for your healthcare needs at an unbeatable price. For example, gym membership monthly cost vs. private trainer monthly cost.

Americare Concierge starts at $48 a month person.  Unfortunately, most medical insurances that deliver the value we deliver cost at least $300 or more a month per person.  

The benefit of being a member of Americare Concierge means that there is no deductible or requirement for income proof since we are not an insurance company 

Yes, several of our members use this as a supplementary product for their health needs. Others use the money that they were spending on a regular medical insurance plan to purchase their loved ones an Americare Concierge membership, dental insurance, health insurance, different health plans, and/or it goes straight to their savings.  

If your current medical care provider is part of our network, then yes, you can use him/her for virtual medical visits. If your current provider is not in-network with us, you might have to find another provider that is partnered with us.  Our navigators will gladly help you find a new virtual provider near you. 

All emergency departments are required to treat you by law (Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act also known as the EMTALA), despite having or not having insurance. While Americare Concierge does not cover hospital and emergency center care or stays. 

Yes, you can add your child or spouse for a lower rate after you enroll. 

If you want more coverage, create a quick 15-minute phone call with one of our member representatives to find you the best possible coverage solution for your personalized needs.


You can find your membership card on your Apple or Android phone as a mobile app. If you are having difficulty setting it up watch this quick video for Apple phones and this one for Android phones.