Retain Your Employees Without Breaking The Bank!

Become able to compete with the other business for the talent you need! 

Benefits For Both: Employer & Employee

Besides being easy to enroll and work with, Americare Concierge will allow you to retain your full-time or part-time talent, provide benefits at an affordable price, and reduce your taxes.

Offer your employees full access to a healthcare membership that others cannot match! Your employees will have access to on-demand medical care with no co-pays, same-day virtual and in-person medical visits, access to low-cost drugs, exclusive access to CPL Labs of Texas, and 24/7 on-call clinical assistance. Your employees will benefit from a wide variety of health products and programs with the Americare Concierge membership with no deductibles.

Employer Benefits

Employee Benefits

Your Employees Will Receive a Digital Americare Concierge Member Card

After your quick enrollment, your employees will receive a welcome email from Americare Concierge. This email will contain their personalized digital membership card and will include all the valuable information they will need to access their benefits as a member. We want to reduce inconveniences like losing a physical card or waiting for the mail. Their Americare Concierge card can be easily accessed from their Apple or Android Wallet!