A Patient and Physician Connection

You and your loved ones should not have to worry about where to find affordable quality care, and now with us, you don’t have to!

Our Story

Our Mission
To help individuals, families, and businesses access life-changing healthcare benefits at a reasonable price. 

Our Story
Technology has made it easy to find anything in seconds, making old technology outdated! So why continue with old obsolete models of health insurance? Americare Concierge decided to leverage the best of technology and the best of health clinics. This way, we are able to provide the best membership package to individuals, families, and employers. 

More About Americare Concierge:

Americare Concierge’s Partners For Your Care

License Providers

Thousands of medical providers in the US, so you have access to care wherever you go.

CPL Labs

Obtain exclusive use of your membership to save on yearly preventative labs to take care of your health.

Online and Physical Pharmacies

Member-only prices on medications that can be delivered to your home or conveniently picked-up by you.